30 Jan 2024

2C2T has 3 scientists in the group of the top 2% of most influential researchers in the world

The University of Minho has 65 scientists in the top 2% group of the most cited researchers worldwide over the past year, according to a study by Stanford University (USA) and the publishing group Elsevier. The list, called “World’s Top 2% Scientists 2023,” includes 210,000 scientists, with 790 of them affiliated with institutions in Portugal. UMinho appears with 15 represented units and eight more researchers compared to 2022, with its first scientist on the global list being Fernando Pacheco-Torgal (6809th place).

The document presents the best researchers on the planet across 22 areas and 174 disciplines, considering their index, publication volume, and citations of their work, based on Scopus data up to September 2023. This annual list emerged in 2019 with the aim of creating a public repository on the impact and influence of researchers on the progress of scientific knowledge and to combat self-citation abuses.

“ 2C2T - Centre for Science and Technology of Textiles (3): Andrea Zille, Helena Felgueiras, Raul Fangueiro. “

CEB – Centre of Biological Engineering (14 scientists): António Vicente, Artur Cavaco-Paulo, Eduardo Gudiña, Joana Azeredo, José António Teixeira, Lígia Rodrigues, Lucília Domingues, Madalena Alves, Mariana Henriques, Miguel Gama, Nuno Cerca, Ricardo Pereira, Russell Paterson, and Sónia Silva

3B’s Group (11): Banani Kundu, Manuela Gomes, Miguel Oliveira, Nuno Neves, Rui L. Reis, Sandra Pina, Simone Silva, Subhas Kundu, Rui Domingues, Tiago Silva, Vitor Correlo

Algoritmi Centre (7): João Luís Afonso, João Varajão, Joaquín Torres-Sospedra, Leonilde Varela, Paulo Cortez, Sandro Pinto, and Vítor Monteiro

CMEMS – Centre of Microelectromechanical Systems (7): Bruno Henriques, Fatih Toptan, Flávio Bartolomeu, Filipe Samuel Silva, Hélder Puga, Júlio Souza, Paulo Flores

CF – Physics Centre (6): Carlos Miguel Costa, Clarisse Ribeiro, José González-Méijome, Nuno Peres, Pedro Martins, and Vasco Teixeira

ICVS – Institute of Research in Life and Health Sciences (3): António Salgado, Bruno Costa, Nuno Sousa

CBMA – Centre for Molecular and Environmental Biology (2): Jorge M. Pacheco, Ronaldo Sousa

CQ – Chemistry Centre (2): Rita Figueira, Daniela Correia

CIEC – Research Centre for Child Studies (1): Assunção Flores

CTAC – Centre for Territory, Environment, and Construction (1): Fernando Pacheco-Torgal

ICS – Institute of Social Sciences (1): Anabela Carvalho

ICT – Institute of Earth Sciences (1): José Brilha

IPC – Institute of Polymers and Composites (1): Loic Hilliou

NIPE – Research Unit on Economic and Business Policies (1): José Carlos Pinho

+Info: elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com/datasets/btchxktzyw/4

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30 Jan 2024